General-Duty Sprayer Series
Model: 1831
Industrial General-Duty Style, Tri-Poxy Metal Unit - 3 Gallon / 11.4 Liter
u Brass plated shut-off has lock-on feature for continuous spraying.
u Tri-Poxy units have triple coat protection against corrosion, cracking and pitting.
u 42" heavy duty nylon reinforced hose to resist chemicals.
u 18" curved brass extension for easier reach.
u Brass / metal pump with three point closure for added strength.
u Brass adjustable nozzle for fine mist to stream.
u Carrying strap with pad.
Replacement Parts
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Chapin is the exclusive supplier of compressed air sprayers to offer a 12-step computer controlled TRI-POXY coating process that inhibits corrosion and rust on all interior seams, welds, crevices, bottoms and walls. We are the only manufactures with the technology required to implement this TRI-POXY application.