Heavy-Duty Sprayer Series
Model: 2209
Industrial Heavy-Duty Style, Polyethylene Unit - 3 Gallon / 11.4 Liter
u NEW - 4-1/2" wide opening for easy filling and cleaning.
u NEW - Easy Disconnect / safety Lock features quick access for cleaning and repair.
u NEW - Actual capacity tanks.
u Brass plated shut-off has lock-on feature for continuous spraying.
u 36" heavy duty nylon reinforced hose to resist chemicals.
u 18" curved brass extension for easier reach.
u Brass fan tip nozzle. (.50 GPM)
u Serviceable poly pump.
u Built-in relief valve and pressure gauge.
Replacement Parts
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Chapin manufactures high-density polyethylene tanks that resist breaking, leaking and chemical corrosion. The polyethylene construction has UV stabilizers to prevent excessive stress and polymer breakdown which equates to longer lasting, top-performing sprayers.