Smoking Receptacles

Today there is a greater demand for smokerís to smoke outside of office buildings, malls, restaurants, hotels and nearly everywhere else. Because of this trend, Continental has expanded our offering of outdoor smoking receptacles with the introduction for the new Lighthouse Smoking Receptacle!   This themed receptacle is idea for coastal settings, seafood restaurants, marinas, docks, etc. All Smoking Receptacles have a galvanized metal liner.

Classic Style Smoking Receptacle  #887  Beige/Grey

 Cactus Smoking Receptacle  #889
$109.60 $135.10


Lighthouse Smoking  Receptacle #892


Ash Receptacles

These satin chrome ash receptacles mount to the wall. Push button drops debris into liner. Liner included.

Model 650

Model 132

$98.45 $35.05



Floor Sans Urn

These rugged Sand Urns are manufactured of structural plastic and include a chrome plated ashtray top. Sand Urns are made to color coordinate with the RouníTopô receptacle line.  Available in  Black or Brown.




L'Ashcan Trash Receptacle & Ashtray

Combination sand urn and waste receptacle. This unit is made of structural plastic and includes a metal liner. Provides an added measure of fire safety when placed together with Roun'Topô, Funnel'Topô and Flat'Topô Products.  # 885  Brown or Black



Sanitary Napkin Receptacle

Heavy gauge steel with flip top lid. Door at base makes disposal quick and sanitary.





Waxed Paper Liners for Sanitary Napkin Receptacle

$53.30/case of 500

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