Huskee Receptacles

Molded of engineered resins with seamless construction, the Huskee is a strong, long lasting receptacle used by virtually every industry. From food prep to foundries, from refuse to bio-hazard waste, the Huskee keeps on working. Stackable with lid on, nestable with lid off.  Lid Sold Separately. Not available with 20 gallon model.

20 Gallon

32 Gallon

32 Gallon 

lid not included lid not included with lid
$25.35 $33.00 $45.35




Wall Hugger

Built of durable plastic, these receptacles work efficiently in tight spaces. Their sleek, attractive design holds twenty-three gallons of trash, but protrudes less than one foot from the wall. Designed with smooth, seamless construction for easy cleaning and prolonged life. At thirty inches tall, these receptacles make for great placement under standard work tables.

23 Gallon Capacity





Continental's® square SwingLine™ containers provide twenty-five percent more capacity which equates to labor and poly liner savings. The rolled rim provides strength as well as a convenient area to lift or pull. Reinforced base will take rough commercial use and they nest for easy storage.

25 Gallon Capacity

25 Gallon 

lid not included with lid
$51.30 $69.60



Commercial Wastebaskets

The low profile design of these rectangular wastebaskets make them ideal for a variety of applications ranging from classroom, office, commercial or institutional use.

13 5/8 Quart Capacity

28 1/8 Quart Capacity

$5.50 $6.00



Curbside Bin

Used by environmentally conscious cities all across America for curbside recycle collection. This bin is durable and lightweight. Holes in bottom of bin prevent accumulation of rainwater.

14 Gallon Capacity




Tilt Truck

All models feature one-piece extra strong seamless industrial plastic construction. Inset wheel placement prevents wall/door damage and allows for nesting in shipment and in storage. Fits through standard office doorways.

5/8 cu. yd.




Tilt N' Wheel

These fifty gallon containers have a hinged double walled lid with standard eight inch non-marking wheels.

50 Gallon Capacity



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