Drop Shot Lids

Two door, center drop design with counter-weighted flippers open easily and close automatically. Large opening will accommodate up to a sixteen inch pizza box, perfect for high volume areas.

Product Number Fits Color Pack Weight
1702BE #25 & #32 base Beige 1 5 lbs
1702BN #25 & #32 base Brown 1 5 lbs
1702GY #25 & #32 base Grey 1 5 lbs

1702BE   Price $31.18

1702BN   Price $31.18

1702GY   Price $31.18

Swing Top Lids

The swing  lids opening makes refuse disposal easy. Peaked design is counter-weighted and automatically closes to hide trash. Sloped surfaces discourage cigarettes and burn discoloration.



Fits Color Pack  Weight
T1600BE #25 & #32 base Beige 1 3 lbs
T1600BN #25 & #32 base Brown 1 3 lbs
T1600GY #25 & #32 base Grey 1

3 lbs

T1600BE Price $46.12

T1600BN Price $46.12

T1600GY Price $46.12

Swingline™ Square Trash Can

Continental's®  Swingline™  square trash cans provide twenty-five percent more capacity which equates to labor and poly liner savings. The rolled rim provides strength and a convenient area to lift or pull. Reinforced base will take rough commercial use and they nest for easy storage. Square trash cans compatible with the Tip Top, Swing Top or Drop Shot lids.

Product Number





25BN     25 gallon   Brown  9 lbs

25BE 25 gallon Beige 9 lbs $63.35
25GY 25 gallon Grey 9 lbs $63.35

32BN     32 gallon       Brown   10 lbs


32 gallon

Beige 10 lbs   $72.60
32GY 32 gallon Grey 10 lbs   $72.60

Tip Top Lids

Tip top lids use gravity for hands-free opening that encourages use and automatically closes to hide trash. No metal parts with tip top lids to rust or break. Fit square trash cans.

Size 16.5" x 16.5" x 5-1/2" high.






Color Pack  Weight
T1700BE #25 & #32 base Beige 1 3 lbs
T1700BN #25 & #32 base Brown 1 3 lbs
T1700GY #25 & #32 base Grey 1 3 lbs
T1700WH #25 & #32 base White 1 3 lbs



     Price $21.37

Half Round Wall

 Hugger™ Receptacles

The Half Round trash cans complete the popular Wall Hugger line. Its smaller footprint and impressive twenty-one gallon capacity is ideal for today’s pace-efficient workplace. The rounded front and sides allow use where other square or rectangular containers would interfere with traffic. The Half Round trash can may be suspended off the floor with our 8319 Mounting Bracket.


Number         Capacity      Color    Weight

8321BE          21 gallon     Beige     8 lbs.

8321GY         21 gallon     Grey      8 lbs.

Price  $70.35       


Mounting Bracket

Used to mount 8321 and 8323 to wall or up off floor to make cleaning easier.  Attach bracket on wall then receptacle can be slid down over bracket to be mounted to wall.  Simply lift up off bracket to clean can or change can.  






8321 & 8323 2 lbs

      Price     $12.96


Wall Hugger™ Lids

Lid T7318 snap shut to seal air out and control odors and also for added fire safety.  When used out side will keep insects out of cans. 

Product Number Capacity Color Pack  Weight
Push Door Lid    $ 50.60   
T7318BNBE Push Door Lid Brown/Beige 1 7 lbs
T7318GYGY Push Door Lid Grey/Grey 1 7 lbs
Tip Top Lid  $       32.35    
7325BE Tip Top Lid Beige 1 3 lbs
7325BN Tip Top Lid Brown 1 3 lbs
7325GY Tip Top Lid Grey 1 3 lbs

Wall Hugger™ Receptacles
Built of durable engineered plastic. These receptacles are efficient in tight spaces. Their sleek, attractive design holds twenty-three gallons of trash, but protrudes less than one foot from the wall.  These slimline cans are designed with smooth, seamless construction for easy cleaning and prolonged life. Standing at thirty inches tall, these wall hugger cans make for great placement under standard work tables. These slimline receptacles are compatible with the (7318) Push Door Lid or the (7320) Tip-Top Lid and the (8319) Mounting Bracket.

     Price $49.18



Capacity Color    Weight
8323BE 23 gallon Beige 9 lbs
8323BK 23 gallon Black 9 lbs
8323BN 23 gallon Brown 9 lbs
8323GY 23 gallon Grey 9 lbs

Steeline Metal Trash Cans
All Continental® Steeline Receptacles are built for strength and beauty, exceeding industry standards for durability and performance. Fire safe steel adds an additional dimension of safety for protection against fire escalating or spreading. The rolled wire rim, double lock seams, embossed side panels and heavier gauge metal provide extra strength and superior dent resistance on these metal waste baskets.  These metal trash cans have a polyester powder coating process that prevents scratches, chipping and rust on these metal trash cans.  With the recessed bottom and metal construction, these metal trash cans will not burn or transfer heat to the floor. 

Product Number Capacity Color Pack  Weight
26 Quart    Price  $19.85  
71NBK 26 quart Black 1 5 lbs
71NBN 26 quart Brown 1 5 lbs
71NGY 26 quart Grey 1 5 lbs
49 Quart     Price $32.90  
72NBE 49 quart Beige 1 8 lbs
72NGY 49 quart Grey 1 8 lbs
80 Quart    Price $51.60  
75BE 80 quart Beige 1 10 lbs
75GY 80 quart Grey 1 10 lbs

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