Spring Pop Out Caution Wet Floor Sign Trilingual  30" Tall

Safety Signs Pop Out or pop up wet floor bright yellow triangle signs 30 inches high collapsible cones allow 360 degrees of visibility at a moments notice. Safety sign wet floor come with storage tubes that can easily be mounted to a wall, janitors cart or column. Universal symbol and trilingual message ensure easy readability. Workers choice safety sign or wet floor sign pop out are ready to use. Discounts for 6 Safety Signs Pop Out wet floor signs bright yellow triangle signs 30 inches high with heavy duty tube holder.

Safety Sign "No Entry"   "Restroom Closed"

 Bright Yellow Floor Safety Sign

Professional quality, two-sided signs

Folds flat for storage. Lock in Arm locks solidly in place and provides warning in 4 directions.

Specially contoured feet to minimize contact with floor to floor finishes

Durable Polypropylene; 25" tall x 11" wide  13" deep.     BPA free


"Wet Floor" Caution Cones

These orange, eighteen inch high Bilingual English/Spanish cones are made out of vinyl plastic with a weighted tip-proof base.

Product Number     Item Color Each  Weight
125ENG English Only Orange 1 5 lbs
125SP English & Spanish    Orange 1 5 lbs


26" Caution" & "Closed" Wet Floor Sign

Twenty-six inch high, easel-type, yellow with a two sided imprint, multilingual message. Accepts barrier chain and common barrier tape for connecting multiple signs and cordoning off an area.

Product Number    Item Color Each  Weight
119 "Caution Sign"    Yellow 1 5 lbs
119C "Closed" Sign Yellow     1 5 lbs

37" Maxi-Warn Wet Floor Signs

The new thirty-seven inch high, easel-type floor sign with two-sided, multilingual message. Accepts barrier chain and common barrier tape for connecting multiple signs and cordoning off an area.

Product Number     Item Color Each Case  Weight
120 "Caution" Sign      Yellow 1 4 lbs
120C "Closed" Sign Yellow 1 4 lbs

Barrier™ Chains

The plastic Barrier™ Chain easily locks into Continental's exclusive keyhole design accessory port. Also fits Continental® 114, 119/119C and 120/120C Floor Signs.

Product Number      Size Color Each Case  Weight
C122-2YW 2" x 20'       Yellow 1 3.24 lbs

Lock On Warning Signs

Octagonal with imprint on both sides. Snap fits on 121YW or 122YW Tri-Cone™ barriers. Adds nine inches in height visibility.

Product Number        Height Color      Pack Case Weight
S122-1RD Adds 9 in         Red


0.68 lbs

Multi-Use Floor Signs

This unique and patented design utilizes four separate multilingual message centers built into a single sign, simply flip to the appropriate message center. Messages are imprinted in red and black for increased visibility and are in English, Spanish, and French.

Product Number        Height      Color Pack Case  Weight
114 26 in Yellow


6 lbs

Ring Weights

This nine pound black painted steel ring fits the 122YW Tri-Cone™ barrier to prevent tipping in heavy winds.

Product Number        Color        Each     Each Weight
W122BK Black


9.00 lbs

Tri-Cone™ Barriers

Available in twenty-seven inch or forty-one inch high with universal "caution" symbol on all three sides. Accommodates lock-on warning signs (S122-1RD), a ring weight (W122BK fits 122YW only), barrier chain (C123-2YW) and common barrier tape for cordoning off an area.

 item # 121YW

 item # 122YW

Product Number        Height      Color      Pack Case    Weight
121YW 27 in. Yellow 1 4 lbs
122YW 41 in. Yellow 1 6 lbs

Tri-Cone™ Systems

This all inclusive system contains three 41" yellow Tri-Cone™ barriers, one two inch x twenty foot yellow plastic chain and two red lock-on warning signs to create an entire floor safety system.

Product Number       Height        Color       Pack Case      Case Weight
122-3YW 41 in Yellow


17.90 lbs

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