Screw On Wet Mops

Designed for the lay flat wet mop. Low initial cost for mop handles, screw on mops are popular for businesses with lots of  mop handle breakage..  4-ply  Rayon-Synthetic Blend screw on wet mops with metal case screw on top.














Looped End Wet Mops

The Ultimate final touch for all high gloss floors.  Unique construction combines quick release 4 ply white rayon with one strand candy striped premium blue in a looped end style mop that can not be matched for performance and durability.   11/2" headband.











Cotton Cut End Mops

This straightforward, inexpensive style is what most of the public pictures when they think of a "mop."  It is the Grand Old Workhorse of the maintenance trade and still the most popular wet mop in the country.  Ideal for general maintenance and spillage pickup, however, laundering is not recommended as the strand will fray and ravel, which increases lint and loose strand depositing.  Offered with a 1 1/2" headband


24 oz.




32 oz





Rayon Cut End Mops

Clean, white appearance 4 Ply Professional grade rayon yarn designed for Heavy Duty or Industrial use.  Fast drying, relatively low lint and mildew resistant.  Quick absorption and release qualities make it ideal for liquid application such as disinfectants, finishes, etc. 






24 oz



32 oz.


Flat Finish Mop

Unsurpassed performance improves operator productivity by 50% vs. traditional finish mops.  Controlled even coating means thinner coats, faster drying rim and less wasted finish with reduced operator fatigue.. It is so simple to use it may reduce employee training costs.  Requires no mop bucket or special finish system.  Fits any standard 5" wide dust mop frame.



24" in Length




Disposable Dust Mops

A highly effective and economical dust mop.."disposable" does not mean "cheap and ineffective" but rather "laundry not required".  A properly made and treated disposable dust mop can be a commercial cleaning contractor's best friend.  With regular shaking or brushing, this mop will provide service up to one million square feet!  Fits all 5" width dust mop frames.  Available in natural yarn color, or blue a little higher price for blue.


24" length




36" length



48" length


Cotton Pro Plus Dust Mops

Cotton Pro dust Mops combine the utility of 4 ply natural or colored blue cotton blend yarn ( price higher for blue) with the many benefits of synthetic backing.  Slot pocket backing. 5" in width.

24" length




36" length




42" length



48" length


Dura -  Lon Dust Mops


Constructed with  color fast synthetic yarn which is more durable, cleans easier and dries faster than cotton dust mop yarn.  Simple rinsing and drip drying will suffice in most cases.  This yarn has built in static attraction characteristics for quick dust pick-up, and requires no treatment chemicals.  Slot pocket backing. 5" in width.  

36" length




48" length




60" length



72" length


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