Foamy Hand Soaps

Made especially For Foaming Hand soap Dispensers

Crystal Foamy Hand Soap

Crystal Foamy Hand Soap is a gentle, yet effective liquid body shampoo and foam hand soap containing emollients and skin conditioners that leaves skin soft, moist and smooth.

Crystal Foamy Hand Soap is also a gentle shampoo that gives hair a new bounce and radiance. Very economical lotion soap and does not deplete natural skin oils or cause chapping.

For body washing, showering and sponge bathing...Apply foam hand soap to damp cloth, clean and rinse thoroughly.

For shampooing...Wet hair, lather and rinse.

As a foam hand soap...Dispense 4 cc. of Crystal Foamy Hand Soap into the palm of one hand from a foam Hand Soap Dispenser. Clean and rinse thoroughly.

COLOR: Clear
FRAGRANCES AVAILABLE: Light, Herbal, Watermelon, Fresh Lemon

Internet Price Per gallon $6.50  

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