Lyn Distributingís Dilution Center units are the ultimate dilution control system. But sometimes dilution control is needed at a facility where Dilution Center is not the best answer. Perhaps space is at a real premium. Or perhaps the amount of product used at a facility is relatively small and a Dilution Center unit simply cannot be justified. 

For spray bottle applications, Lyn's Keg Delivery System may be the customerís Dilution Control answer. Lyn's Keg super-concentrated products are packaged in quarts: each quart of super-concentrate can be easily and accurately diluted to make 5 gallons of ready-to-use cleaner in a convenient  5 gallon keg. 

There are four Keg products:

LYNís NC-183 General Purpose Cleaner
General purpose cleaner for spray cleaning applications
LYNís Patrol Acid Free Washroom Cleaner 
Non-acid, deodorizing cleaner for all washroom surfaces 
Look LYNís Concentrate Glass Cleaner #2
Streak-free glass cleaner
LYNís Eliminator Fresh Scent Deodorant
High intensity deodorant