This is a great ready to use concrete truck cleaner or ready mix truck cleaner.  Use as a cement truck cleaner, concrete cleaner and brick cleaner.  Just spray on and rinse off.


Available only in 55 gallon Drums $75.00
Product Description:

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A clear red liquid, non-fuming acid detergent compound for removal of concrete, plaster, rust, scale, grease, oil, and road film.
Where Concrete Cleaner (C.R.M.C.-83) Can be Used:
For cleaning concrete mixer trucks, cement, brick, floors, forms, windows, door frames, tools, and other cement handling equipment.
Advantages of C.R.M.C.-83 Concrete Cleaner:
Harmless to paint, rubber, windshields, and ordinary glass. Removes and cleans a wide range of deposits and soils quickly. Can be diluted for economical use. Reduced hazard to user and surfaces. Contains a combination of acids, detergents, wetting and penetrating agents.  Contains a odor control agent to reduce fumes.   C.R.M.C.-83 is inhibited against attacking most metals and paint when used in diluted form.
How to Use:
Using the proper dilution, apply by spraying or brushing. Allow surface to remain wet four to five minutes, while agitating with a brush. Rinse thoroughly with clear water, allow to dry.
Prospective Users:
Concrete mixers, cement contractors, and other accounts having accumulations of cement, plaster, rust, scale, grease, oil, and road film to be removed from equipment.
Place C.R.M.C.-83  in a plastic spray bottle. Apply to cement deposit on equipment or floors, or on greasy concrete floor. Allow to stand 4 to 5 minutes, brush scrub and rinse.  NOTE: A reasonable days accumulation of concrete will be readily removed, however a long-time accumulation will require repeated applications.
Danger-  Keep out of the reach of children. Maybe fatal if swallowed. Cause burns. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact, immediately flush with plenty of water. Wash skin with soap and water.  Use with adequate ventilation.  Do not breath fumes

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