Dust spray, furniture polish

airborne dust inhibitor

Protects &Polishes

Price $4.10 each Discounts for 12 or more.


An economical, easy to use method of dust removal from any surface. Treat dust mops, cloths and soft bristle push brooms with a light, moist spraying of this product. Treated mops and cloths pick up dust just as a magnet picks up iron filings. Dust and dirt is not just pushed around but is held in the mop or cloth until a gentle shake releases it in the disposal area. Dusting with this product cleans and polishes furniture, painted plastic and formica surfaces. When replacing filters on heating and air conditioning systems spray the filters, thus reducing the amount of dust which again becomes airborne. 20 ounce can.


DUST MOPS: Spray dust mop until moist, never wet. Do not spray at the very ends. Shake mop vigorously to release dust. Renew by spraying lightly in center of mop. When mop head becomes excessively soiled, remove and wash in soapy solution, rinse and dry.                                                                                                                                                                             CLOTHS: Spray dust cloth from about 6 inches by moving the spray rapidly across the cloth. Spray until moist, not wet. Retreat cloth lightly as needed. When cloths become dirty, they should be washed in soapy water, rinsed and dried.

Areas of Use

Applications for this product include restaurants, hotels, motels, industrial plants, cafeterias, hospitals, churches, nursing homes, department stores, grocery stores, schools, apartments and other institutions.

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