Solvent Based Residual Insecticide

Residual Action Using Propoxur

Kills a Variety of Flying & Crawling Insects

Continues to Kill for Several Weeks

Non-chlorinated, Non-Ozone Depleting


Price $5.60 each Discounts for 12 or more.  


This product is a ready to use crack & crevice insecticide for the control of crawling insects. Lasts for several weeks. This formulation contains Propoxur, a vaporizing insecticide that kills insects fast. Extender tubes are packed in every case to aid in reaching into cracks and crevices.  20 ounce can.


Important: Hold container only in upright position to spray. Keep spray actuator pointed to mark on valve cup. Direct spray from face. Insert extension tube into actuator and hold container 6 to 12 inches from surface and spray area of infestation. Thorough applications produce a coating that will vaporize into cracks and crevices for insect control. If re-infestations occur, repeat applications as necessary. Use for spot treatment only. 

Areas of Use

Applications for this product can be found in commercial and institutional buildings, apartment, garages, motels, hotels, food processing plants, and most industrial pest control needs.

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