Base Strip

Eliminates Costly Stripping

Converts Waxes and Plastics

Finishes into Easily Removed Emulsion

No Need for Harsh or Abrasive Cleaners


Price $3.80 each Discounts for 12 or more.


This product is nonflammable, heavy -duty, foaming wax stripper with an inverted valve.  Cleans and strips areas where a floor machine cannot reach.  The wet foam clings to vertical surfaces such as baseboards, metal doors and frames, making them quick and easy to clean up months and even years of buildup. The powerful formula rapidly converts waxes and plastic type floor finishes into an easily removed emulsion.  Corners come clean in a flash. The ideal product for solving one of the most difficult cleaning problems. 24 ounce can.


Shake can well and invert before using. Before using, determine suitability and safety of product on surface to be cleaned. Hold can upside down. Spray wax stripper about 6 to 10 inches from baseboard or floor surface. A thin, even coating should cover the wax and soil. Do not apply to painted surfaces.  Immediately wipe off any overspray. Wait 3 to 5 minutes. Then wet scrub the surface using either a white cleaning pad, cleansing sponge or similar item. Rinse surface with clean, warm water.

Areas of Use

Applications for this product include restaurants, hotels, motels, industrial plants, cafeterias, hospitals, churches, nursing homes, department stores, grocery stores, schools, apartments and other institutions.

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