Battery Terminal Coater & Protector

Long Term Corrosion Preventative.  Flexible & Durable

Prolongs Battery Life

Puts a brown protective coating on any surface that it is applied to.  Bonds to and protects Battery Terminals, Cables, Carriers, and Hold Downs, against deterioration and corrosion even under the most severe atmospheric conditions.  Spray battery coater may be used to protect all types of metal in all types of conditions, indoors and outdoors for long term protection against rust, corrosion and weathering. This Spray Battery Terminal Coater stops acid attack on metal battery hold downs. Use on autos, boats, golf carts, lift trucks, construction vehicles, snow clearing vehicles, lawn maintenance equipment, reserve power generators, amusement park vehicles, and R V generators.  Excellent long term protection for any battery during storage or use.  Stays pliable.  Will not crack or peel.  Improves electrical output.  Protects battery boxes, and battery holding areas for long periods of time.  This aerosol battery terminal coater is easy to use.

Directions: Remove corrosion with "Battery Terminal Cleaner" and wipe dry, then spray an even coat over all surfaces.  For severe storage conditions a second coat may be applied within a few minutes.  Meets these specs.  Mil-c-16173D, grade 4, and Mil-C-83933 A.

Caution: Use only in a well-ventilated area.  Do not use hear heat, sparks, or open flames.  Avoid contact with eyes or prolonged contact with skin.  If swallowed, do not induce vomiting.  Call physician immediately.   Keep out of reach of children.

Price Each $5.20 Volume Discounts for 12 and more.

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