Brake and Parts Cleaner II

Aerosol brake cleaner, Machine Parts Cleaner

Blasts Away Deposits

No Chlorinated or Fluorinated Solvents

No Fouled Waste Oil

Removes Brake Fluid, Grease and Oil

Contains No Lead, Phosphorous or Silicone

Price $4.70 each Discounts for 12 or more.


This highly concentrated solvent blend provides maximum performance in a brake parts cleaner without the use of ozone depleting compounds or chlorinated solvents. Powerful blasting spray easily removes brake fluid, grease, oily dirt and contaminants from linings, pads and drums, cylinders and springs without disassembling the unit. Also includes extension tubes for hard to reach areas. Will not foul waste oil. Excellent all around metal parts cleaner.  20 ounce can.


Remove cap and insert extension tube provided into spray tip. Hold can upright and keep tip pointed at red dot on valve cup. Spray brake parts liberally and allow to run off. Air or towel dry with clean, soft wiper. Repeat as necessary. Protect rubber and plastic parts from spray.

Areas of Use

Any city or county garage or bus barn, car dealer mechanic, fleet operator mechanic, school maintenance man, hospital, nursing home, or any call where there is equipment and a work bench. This product is used heavily as a parts cleaner. Any golf course, park and recreation department where they do a lot of mowing. Any equipment rental company where they have to repair the equipment when it comes back in.

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