Cleans & Polishes

Water Based

Clinging Foam

Reduces Eyestrain

Price $2.67 each Discounts for 12 or more.  


A medium foam product that clings to vertical surfaces for fast, complete cleaning of all types of chalkboards. One application of this material will brighten the board to give better contrast, easier readability and relief of eyestrain.  Completely removes chalk and chalk dust without damage to the board. Give any chalkboard the "like new" look.  20 ounce can.


SHAKE BEFORE USING: Remove all writing from the board. Spray the chalkboard cleaner directly on the board and wipe with a clean cloth. Allow board to dry before using.

Areas of Use

An ideal product for use in schools, day care centers, camps, armed services, hotels, motels, institutions, offices, factories and churches, and more.

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