Screen cleaner, computer screen cleaner, face shield cleaner, video screen cleaner, helmet visor cleaner, and many more uses.  Spray on screen cleaner.

Clear, invisible  Anti-fog  Anti-static  Anti-fingerprint

Anti-smudge  Anti-dust  Anti-scratch  Anti-lint

Non-smearing  Non-irritating  Non-yellowing  Odorless

Non-abrasive  Non-acid  Contains no waxes  Anti-oils

Micronic protective and repellent cleaner & coating for all screens, glass & plastic.

Recommended for:

Computer display terminals, CRT screens, electronic game Screens, remote terminal screens, TV screens, radar

screens, TV weather Board screens, tracking screens, recording chart covers, plastic masks, shields, helmets and visors.

(Fire Departments, Riot Squads, Divers, Industry).

Product Features:

Reduces wear and scratching. Marks and Fingerprints on treated surfaces are easily wiped off - reduces maintenance time. Leaves no gummy residue or film. Covers minute scratches, and harmless to surfaces normally surrounding screens.



Odor: odorless

Color: white foam

Spray pattern: circular foam

Flammability: Non-Flammable Spray

Propellant: Hydrocarbon

Spray rate: 2.0 grams/sec.

Price Each $3.00   Discounts for 12 or more....


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