Non Acid

No Harsh Fumes

Biodegrades Rapidly




Price $3.60 each Discounts for 12 or more.


A portable, non-acid, foam cleaner that blasts deep into air conditioner, heater, refrigeration and dryer coils to loosen and remover grease, dirt, lint and grime.  Contains Live bio-enzymes for continuous cleaning and breakdown of organic coil contaminants.  May be flushed off with water or left on find without rinsing.  Helps maintain optimum unit efficiency.  Deodorizes as it cleans, leaving the area with a fresh clean scent.

Special Features

Increases air flow and unit efficiency.  Regular use helps save energy.  Helps keep drip pans and drain lines clean, free flowing and odor free.  Non-flammable spray.

Areas of Use

Air conditioners, heaters, ice machines, cold storage compartments, refrigerators, freezers, heating coils, hand dryers, refrigerated trucks.

For Use By

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning technicians.  Building superintendents, restaurants, school systems.  Frozen food stores and shippers, hospitals, and nursing homes.

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