Glass Cleaner / Window Cleaner

Brightens and Protects, cleans light dirt from most surfaces

Quickly Cleans Glass, Mirrors

Alcohol Based

Floral Fragrance

Price $36.50 per case  Discounts for 5 or more. 


This spray glass cleaner is a pleasantly fragranced glass cleaner that is specially formulated for quick cleaning of windows and glass. It is a high foaming action cleaner.

The long lasting foam from this glass cleaner allows the user to see areas that have been treated.

The stable foam will not deteriorate for approximately 15-30 seconds, allowing the user to clean large areas of glass with one spray.  20 ounce can. 


Shake well before using. Hold upright four to six inches from surface to be cleaned. Spray glass cleaner sparingly, then wipe with a clean soft paper towel or cloth.

Polish immediately with a separate clean soft paper towel or cloth.

Areas of Use

Virtually all businesses and all industrial industries need window cleaner or glass cleaner.

Use spray glass cleaner at restaurants, hotels, motels, schools, institutions, printers, spas, health clubs, nursing homes, contract cleaners, factories and office buildings to name a few.

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