Medium Solids

Fast Tack, Quick Adhesion

Temporary or Permanent Bonds

Waterproof and Non-staining

Non-chlorinated and Non-Ozone



Price $5.50 each Discounts for 12 or more.


This wide web spray adhesive provides a combination of versatility and performance for the most demanding applications. The medium solids, translucent formula is excellent for use on uneven or porous surfaces and will adhere to a variety of materials including plastics, polyethylene sheeting, wood, corrugated, paper, cork, fiberboard, insulation, rubber, cloth, leather, and more. Waterproof, flexible, and non-staining, this product can be used for both temporary and permanent bonds. Formulated with the environment in mind, this product contains no chlorinated solvents or ozone depleters. Non intended for use on vinyls. 20 ounce can


Always shake well before using. Never aim valve at face. Hold can upright and apply adhesive in a side to side motion 10 to 14 inches from surface.  TEMPORARY BONDS: Spray surface, allow to tack and apply material to be bonded.  PERMANENT BONDS: Liberally spray both surface and material, allow to tack, then apply.

Areas of Use

This versatile adhesive may also be used in upholstery shops, auto upholstery, marinas, sheet metal shops, leather shops, foam shops, labeling (cardboard), hotels, motels (carpet and wallpaper repair) and in the specialized industry of asbestos abatement. This product can be successfully marketed in any industry where strong permanent or temporary adhesion is applicable.

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