Ballpoint Pen Ink


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Price $4.35 each Discounts for 12 or more.


Special blend of cleaners and solvents formulated to remove stubborn marks such as most spray paints, marking inks, crayons, lipstick, road tar, stencil inks and other solvent and oil based stains from road signs, trucks, restroom walls, public buildings, buses, and most other horizontal and vertical non-porous surfaces.  20 ounce can.


Spray on surface to be cleaned and wipe off with clean cloth. In stubborn cases, repeat the application and allow to set for 15 to 30 seconds to allow the chemicals to work. Before using on synthetic surfaces, such as plastic, rubber, asphalt or others, test for any evidence of attack. 

Areas of Use

Municipalities, government agencies, highway departments, utilities, post offices, schools, universities, bus fleets, building and ground superintendents, apartment complexes, factories in high risk areas, train and bus depots, airports.

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