$19.85  18lb Pail $30.40  32lb Pail
$52.20  50lb Box $117.00  100lb Keg

HI-LITE+ CONCENTRATE is low sudsing, biodegradeable, concentrated, and specifically formulated to work as well in home automatic washing machines as in laundry wheels up to 100 pounds capacity. It is designed to give maximum performance in hot, warm, or cold water. It also substantially reduces most formations of lime soap deposits on machines and fabric.  Thus the hardness factor of the water is of little consequence.

The proper blending of surfactants, phosphates, silicates, suspending agents, optical brighteners, and color safe bleach make HI-LITE + CONCENTRATED DETERGENT an exceptional laundry product leaving fabrics looking brighter and feeling cleaner and softer. This product will help keep fabric lasting longer because it contains no harsh chemicals.  This product is a natural deodorizer for fabric. Leaves fabric clean and fresh!
For home laundry use 1/8 to 1/4 cup in top loading or front loading machines.  For laundry wheels or large commercial machines use cup per 100 pound load.
PRECAUTIONS:  Keep out of reach of children.  In case of ingestion drink large quantities of water or milk, contact physician.

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