Concentrated Dry Bleach

16% active dry chlorine bleach

  50 Pound Pail  10 Pound Pail
 100 Pound Keg  200 Pound Keg

This free flowing granular powder supplements detergent admirably. It contains a special slow release chlorine source which oxidizes stains and tough soils as no detergent alone can. When used as directed it is safe on any colorfast fabric including whites,

permanent press and some colored items

Not only does this dry bleach remove stains but it also improves the overall whiteness and brightness of fabric. Graying of whites and dulling of color is eliminated
The slow release chlorine featured in this product allows it to deliver full effectiveness all the way to the bottom of the drum. This chlorine instantly releases in wash water to attack soil
When used as directed this bleach cannot damage cellulosic or non-cellulosic fiber and reduce fabric life. Other bleaches whose chlorine source is not as stable can dissociate unevenly burning spots in sensitive fabric.

For very heavily soiled whites, this powder may be used as a bleach to remove stains often considered permanent. Just follow directions for desired results.

For the following capacity commercial. washers add the amount shown:
35 Pound            1 - 2  ounces
50 Pound           2 - 4 ounces
75 Pound             4 - 6 ounces

For household machines add 1/16 cup to 1/8 cup to wash water. Fill and swirl agitator to dissolve. Add detergent and launder as usual.

Test for color fastness by applying a small amount of bleach solution to an inconspicuous area of the fabric. If fabric is affected, do not wash with this bleach.

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