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SAF-T-BLEACH is a non-chlorine, dry oxygen bleach for use in the commercial laundry as a replacement for chlorine type bleaches. It is an all fabric, color safe bleach and is suitable under those conditions where chlorine bleach cannot be used.
Having effective bleaching and stain removal characteristics, SAF-T-BLEACH  can be used under varying conditions of concentration, pH and water temperature.
SAF-T-BLEACH is also useful for odor reduction. Because it is an oxygen bleach SAFE-T-BLEACH will not cause yellowing of nylon or resin treated polyester/cotton blends
SAF-T-BLEACH is also utilized to remove heavy mildew stains from cotton without adversely affecting the tensile strength of the fabric.
SAF-T-BLEACH possesses many other versatile features including rapid solubility in water, stability In storage, elimination of anti-chlor, ease of use in either the suds or bleach operation, safety on colored fabrics, and nondestructive effect on fluorescent whitening agents
Use 2 ounces SAF-T-BLEACH by weight at 115 Deg. to 200 Deg. F. in the final suds or separate bleach operation as desired. Bleach at least 7 minutes at the usual low suds level. Drain and follow with normal procedure for completing wash cycle.
FOR DIFFICULT Stains AND STAIN REMOVAL FROM DELICATE FABRICS: Use 1pound of SAF-T-BLEACH in a soak bath (about l/2 ounce per gallon of water). Use a water leve1 that covers the goods to be treated. Soak overnight at a temperature of 75 to 115 F. Avoid unnecessary agitation that could harm delicate fabrics. Drain, rinse and process as needed for the particular fabric
FOR REMOVAL OF HEAVY MILDEW STAINS AND OTHER DIFFICULT STAINS FROM COTTON:  Wash goods to remove excessive soil. Use 7 pounds of SAF-T-BLEACH at the usual low suds level. Start at 160 F. for 30 minutes. Drain, rinse thoroughly and follow with normal procedure for completing wash cycle.

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