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Liquid Laundry Detergent

$33.60  5 Gallon Pail $42.75 6 Gallon bottles in a case
$248.25 30 Gallon Drum $122.10  15 Gallon Drum
This rich viscous purple liq­uid represents the latest in the development of liquid surfac­tants. In recent years, scien­tists have found that special combinations of synthetic wetting agents yield optimum fabric cleaning performance and at the same time new agents have been invented with the same concepts in mind. This product is the result of this research in its best form.  This product contains phosphates and silicates.
Due to its high concentration of active ingredients, this detergent removes the toughest soils and stains at economical use dilution’s. Alone It cleans all synthetic fabrics well and when a builder/break is added, it launders cottons and other cellulose fibers superbly. The characters of this detergent allows it to solublize not only water based soil, but also oil based grease, and others.
Regular use of this detergent is good for your laundry and equipment. This product will not damage even sensitive fabrics. It rinses well and will not build up on fibers. Used as directed colors stay bright and whites will not gray. No harsh acids or alkalis are contained to be unsafe to the operator or damage delicate machine parts. 
This detergent may also be used as a presoak or pre-treat for certain stains. As a presoak it is highly dilutable and often eliminates the need for expen­sive limited use presoaks and sprays.

Ordinarily this detergent is designed for use as a component of a 4 item liquid feed system in commercial laundry applications. In combination with, de-stainer, neutralizer, and softener. It yields remarkable performance on any fabric. It may also be used In household type machines at levels far below powders.

This liquid flows smoothly through feeding equipment and will not separate or clog pumps. It causes no deterioration to pump seals or tubing.
See your representative for specific laundry handling in­structions and other uses of this fine product.
Program dispenser to add correct amount of detergent with wash water fill. After all items of liquid system are set, run test load of badly soiled and stained linens to observe remarkable cleaning. Check for alkali or acid residue and adjust break or neutralizer as needed.
For the following capacity washers add the amount shown

200 Pound Capacity . . 12 to 16 ounce   //  75 Pound Capacity . . .6 to 8 ounce   //  35 Pound Capacity . . .3 to 4 ounce

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