Red Infectious Waste Bags

Red Infectious Waste Bags are guaranteed to provide film impact resistance greater than 165 grams and film tear strength greater than 480 grams

when tested in accordance with ASTM D- 1922-94a and ASTM D-1709-97. All film colorants are non-metallic.

Red Infectious Waste Bags are printed with a six inch diameter Biohazard Symbol and warning message in English and Spanish. All printing is in black ink, one side, random repeat.

Red Infectious Waste Bags are supplied with a STAR SEAL bottom and are packed in rugged, white corrugated cartons.

Certified to meet the 480 gram tear strength standard (ASTM D1922-00A) as required by D.O.T. Reg. 173.197 for transportation of regulated medical waste.

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Danger - Peligro
 Infectious Waste
 Basura Infecciosas

 IW2423R     10 Gallon  24" X 24"      Red Infectious Waste Bags  1.2 mil   250/case       

 IW2432R     15 Gallon  24" X 32"      Red Infectious Waste Bags   1.2 mil  250/case        

 IW3339R     30-33 Gallon  33" X 39"   Red Infectious Waste Bags 1.3 mil  200/case         

 IW4046R     40 gallon to 45 Gallon  40" X 47" Red Infectious Waste Bags 1.2 mil   100/case       

 IW3043RLR    30-33  Gallon  30" X 43"  Red Infectious Waste Bags  1.3 Mil  200/case  8 rolls of 25   

 IW3043R3   30  Gallon  30.5" X 43"    Red Infectious Waste Bags 3 Mil      50/case                     

 IW3848RLR   30  Gallon  38" X 48"    Red Infectious Waste Bags  1.3 Mil  100/case  4 rolls of 25   

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