Powdered floor cleaner that turns green when wet.  This concrete floor cleaner contains no caustic soda.

Z-12 orange powdered floor cleaner has natural citrus oils for added cleaning power.





CLEAN !!!!


  • 100% Biodegradable

  • Also comes in White Powder that stays white when wet

  • Pleasant smelling

  • Made with Natural Citrus Oils

Z-12 is a free flowing orange (or white) granular powder that contains natural citrus oils and anti-redepositing agents to degrease and clean concrete or asphalt surfaces.  Z-12 rinses completely to leave surfaces film free.  Z-12 is 100% water soluble and turns green when used (white powder stays white when used).  Z-12's corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers and citrus oils achieve remarkable cleaning results.

DIRECTIONS:  For heavy buildups, first wet floor thoroughly.  Sprinkle Z-12 powdered floor cleaner all over area to be cleaned. Scrub with a stiff broom or brush.  Wait a minute for chemicals to act, scrub again, then rinse.  For light grease and dirt on concrete, dilute 4 oz. of Z-12 to a gallon of water, spread this solution on floor and scrub with broom, then rinse.

  Z-12   citrus powdered floor cleaner is great for driveways, concrete pads, concrete or asphalt parking lots, or shop concrete floors.  This citrus powdered concrete cleaner leaves a nice citrus fragrance when used.  Use on painted or un-coated floors.

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Available in:

20 pound plastic pail, 35 pound plastic pail, 50 pound box, 50 pound plastic pail, 110 pound drum, 140 pound drum    Pick color of powder when purchasing. 


110 LB KEG      140 LB KEG

200 pound drum  $145.00  

500 pound drum   $315.00