Great scraper mat, this comfort scrape mat works inside or for a outdoor mat. 

These anti-fatigue mats are waterhog mats the name for quality.


  1. Superior Anti-fatigue properties ensure employee comfort and ergonomic benefits from these anti-fatigue mats.

  2. 100% high density, closed cell nitrile rubber cushion provides maximum resistance to waters, oils, greases, chemicals and animal fat.

  3. These anti-fatigue mats are lightweight, made from easy to clean material that outperforms most thicker, heavier mats. Simply hose off or pressure wash to remove debris.

  4. Low profile design, 7/16 inch thick, and slip resistant surface helps minimize slip and fall accidents when using these entrance mats.

  5. These logo mats are made from soft, anti-static nitrile rubber compound that are ideal for use in packaging and assembly areas, industrial workstations, machine shops and welding stations. 

3'x5'     Price  $ 68.50
4'x6'     Price  $ 99.50
3'x9'     Price  $118.45
2'x3'     Price  $ 32.00