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Waterhog fashion mats unique ridged construction effectively removes and traps  

     dirt and moisture and works great for door mats.

Waterhog fashion entrance mats have exclusive rubber-reinforced face nubs that prevent pile from 

     crushing, extending product life & making waterhog fashion great entry mats. 

Waterhog fashion mats are constructed with anti-static 100% premium polypropylene fiber system. Fabric dries quickly;

      won't fade or rot.  Waterhog fashion mats can easily be vacuumed or hosed off.

Waterhog Fashion mats highly durable, attractive fabric border makes it the

      perfect choice for indoor or outdoor applications.

Available in Flat or Gripper SBR rubber backing types.  Fabric weighs 24 ounces per square yard.

Pile height is 1/4".

Exclusive "water dam" allows Waterhog  Fashion mats to trap dirt and water so

     they stay in the mat and off of your floor-minimizing slip hazards and floor

     damage around the perimeter of the mat this is very particle for entrance mats.

Waterhog  Fashion mats wide selection of 19 standard commercial sizes makes finding the right floor mats

     for your needs quick and easy.  This is another high quality Waterhog mat.

Passes flammability standards DOCFI-70. Not recommended for use in areas exposed to grease or petroleum products.

155)Red/Black 153)Light Green 157)Medium Gray 152)Dark Brown 156)Medium Blue
151)Medium Brown 154)Charcoal 160)Bordeaux 158)Bluestone 159)Evergreen
161)Navy 162)*White 163)*Aqua Marine 164)*Gold 165)*Solid Red
166)*Yellow 167)*Orange 168)*Purple

* These colors are available in 3' and 4' widths only.


18"x27" Floor Mats


2'x3'  Floor Mats


3'x4'  Entrance mats


3'x5'  Entrance mats


3'x8' Entrance mats


3'x 10'  Entrance mats


3'x16'  Floor Mats


3'x20' Floor Mats


4'x6' Entrance mats 


4'x8'  Entrance mats


4'x10'  Entrance mats


4'x12' Entrance mats 


4'x16'  Floor Mats


4'x20'  Floor Mats


6'x8'  Entrance mats


6'x12' Entrance mats 


6'x16' Entrance mats 


6'x20' Entrance mats 


3'x12'  $151.60 

Drainable Border Mats For Outside Door Mats

18"x27"  Door Mats 


2'x3'  Door Mats 



3'x5'  Door Mats 



3'x10'   Door Mats 



4'x6'  Door Mats 


4'x8'  Door Mats 



6'x8'  Door Mats 



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