Super Scraper Mats

Black scraper mats or entrance mats for outside.  This rubber mat is a super scrape mat for cleaning shoes at entrance ways. 

These entrance mats are very durable. Five Colors of  lettering can be screened for logo mats.

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  1. These Super scrape entrance mats effectively scrape tough dirt and grime off feet.

  2. For added value and versatility, Super Scrape mats are reversible and, when placed with the non-scraper side up, can even be used as anti-fatigue mats.

  3. Durable nitrile-rubber super scraper mat provides slip-resistant surface for outside entrance mats and added grease and oil resistance.

  4. This brand of entrance mats are available with safety messages, a welcome message or custom logos.

  5. 100% nitrile rubber Super Scrape mat is ideal for kitchens, locker rooms, slippery inclines, restaurants, production areas and as outside entrance mats.

  6. Super Scrape logo mats are available in red, green, yellow, orange, gold, white and blue. Super Scrape mats with messages for logo mats  are available in multi colors.

SuperScrape entrance mats sizes

Superscrape Mat 2.5' x 3'  $32.70    Superscrape Mat 3' x 5'  $ 65.45

Superscrape Mat 3' x 10' $133.90 Superscrape Mat 4' x 6'  $106.50 Superscrape Mat 4' x 8'  $143.50 

Superscrape Mat 6' x 6' $159.10   Superscrape Mat 6' x 8'  $214.50   

Prices higher for colored border Superscrape mats

SuperScrape with message or logo mats

2.5' x 3'  ,   3' x 5'  ,    4' x 6'     

Call 1-800-366-5022 or 1-801-295-5022 for special prices on logo mats