KG-24            Car Wash Concentrate

Use As Foaming Brush Soap, Hand Wash Soap, Pressure Wash Soap.  Dilute 1 part to 300-500 parts water.  Rinses Film Free. 


  • Hard Water Tolerant 

  • Neutral pH easy on Skin

  • Pleasant fragrance

  • Concentrated a Little goes a Long Way

  • Long lasting foam

  • KG 24 Car Wash Soap is Free Rinsing

  • Will Not Remove Wax

Use on Cars, Trucks, Airplanes, Fire Trucks,  City Vehicles, R V Vehicles.

KG-24 liquid car wash concentrate is biodegradable, non-polluting, safe on brushes and all automotive finishes.  KG-24 is safe for use on all types of paints.  KG-24 car wash soap rinses freely to never leave a soap film on the surface of the automobile.  KG-24 is manufactured with special rinse additives so as to rinse freely even in the hardest of water.  KG-24 car wash soap contains no caustic or alkali, it will not dull paint even when someone uses a little to much to clean a automobile.  KG-24 is a neutral detergent that works by penetrating into dirt with wetting agents and surfactants that break down the surface tension of soil and lift it to be rinsed away.  KG-24 car wash soap does not remove wax on automotive finishes.  KG-24 is user friendly, when you use KG-24 it will not attack your hands because it is neutral.  KG-24 is very cost effective, a little goes a long way, 1-oz. to 4 gallons of water usually does the trick for hand washing.  When using KG-24 through an automatic spray system KG-24 will dilute 1-oz. to 5 gallon of water.

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