Cleaner / Degreaser Sprayer Series
Model: 2236 Poly Tank Sprayer from chapin sprayer
Industrial Cleaner / Degreaser Style, Polyethylene Unit - 3 Gallon  tank sprayer / 11.4 Liter.   Wide opening pump up pressure sprayer
u NEW - 4-1/2" wide opening for easy filling and cleaning.
u NEW - Easy Disconnect / safety Lock features quick access for cleaning and repair.
u NEW - Actual capacity tanks.
u VITON equipped for maximum chemical resistance.
u 42" heavy duty nylon reinforced hose to resist chemicals.
u 12" curved poly extension for easier reach.
u Poly adjustable nozzle for fine mist to stream.
u Built-in relief valve and pressure gauge.
Replacement Parts
Chapin manufactures high-density polyethylene tanks that resist breaking, leaking and chemical corrosion. The polyethylene construction has UV stabilizers to prevent excessive stress and polymer breakdown which equates to longer lasting, top-performing sprayers.
Chapin uses VITON seals and gaskets to provide maximum protection against chemical corrosion. VITON is DuPont's most durable, fluid resistant fluoroelastomer compound, providing superior resistance to oil, lubricants, hydrocarbons and other corrosive elements.

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