Quickly Cuts Into Grease & Tough Soil Deposits

  LDX cleaner degreaser is highly concentrated, low/medium-foam cleaner/degreaser instantly dissolves and emulsifies heavy dirt, grease, oils, detergent film and many other surface stains.

 Penetrates deeply into concrete surfaces.  Formula contains low-foaming emulsifiers and is biodegradable, phosphate free, rust-inhibitive, nonpolluting and nonflammable. 

Specially formulated (Low Foaming L D X ) for use in parts washers, automatic jet spray washers, or automatic or conventional scrubbers. 

Mop or spray application rinses freely with water. 

The Time & Labor Saver For Heavy Duty & General Maintenance Cleaning

Description: A special blend of  water based chemical solvents for tough, heavy duty cleaning ---  LDX works

  • Instantly dissolves & emulsifies grease, oils & other heavy soil deposits.

  • Rust-inhibiting formula.

  • Nonpolluting & Nonflammable

  • Phosphate free & biodegradable

  • Also removes waxes & old soap film.

  • Excellent for degreasing machinery, parts, floors, automotive engines, and parking areas.

  • Designed for use in parts washers, enclosed jet-spray washers, conventional & automatic scrubbers.

Packaging 1 gallon bottle, 6 x 1 gallon bottles per case, 6 gallon container, 15 gallon drum      SDS Sheet

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