Lyn Distributing, Inc.,  has 46 years of experience in the janitorial & building maintenance industry. Lyn Distributing, Inc. has been a pioneer in providing quality products to the US janitorial market. Areas of expertise include the production of specialized transportation detergents, freezer floor cleaners, biodegradable degreasers and asphalt removers, enzyme drain maintenance & pet odor removal products,  gel air fresheners, pump air fresheners, hand soaps, disinfectant cleaners.  With manufacturing facilities in North Salt Lake, Utah (USA) &  distribution from 25 strategically located distribution centers.  Lyn Distributing, Inc. is a cost-competitive large & small volume manufacturer of complex and demanding products.  We build our reputation on trying to help customers find "Systems to Save".  By using the right product for safety and performance at the right dilution each and every time with the proper chemical dispensing system.  Lyn Distributing shows the end user how to save money on product and save employee's time while achieving great results.

Phone 1-800-366-5022 for questions or customer service on any issue.

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