Continental Roun'Top 24 Gallon Trash Cans and other Cans

Round Top Trash Cans or Waste Cans

Round Top Cans   Roun'Tops 24 gallon trash cans are Factory Mutual Approved, designed to contain and extinguish a fire, assuring safety.  Available in 24 gallon sizes to fit any need.  Removable top allows easy access. Unique "key-way" notch secures poly-liners with no clumsy straps to snag liners.  Weather-proof design allows outside use with confidence.  Available with or without rigid plastic liner. Liners hold 21 gallon on 24 gallon can.  Available in Beige, Brown, Black, Grey and other colors.

Price on 24 gallon can without liner Black

Beige Brown Grey

Price on 21 gallon can with rigid plastic liner  Grey

Black Beige Brown


Design Line Round Top Trash Cans and other Waste Cans

These receptacles have all the features of the standard Round Tops but are now available in four granite finishes that provide the architectural appeal of a concrete or stone receptacle without the excessive weight or cost. Available in 18 or 24 gallon sizes to fit any need, Factory Mutual Approved.   With unique bag holder & tie down. These waste cans do not have a Rigid plastic liner.

Available in Blackstone, Brownstone, Greystone & Sandstone

Price on 24 gallon can without liner  Blackstone

Brownstone Greystone  Sandstone 


Funnel' Top

This big mouth receptacle encourages use because of its appealing open, Funnel'Top design. With absolutely no metal parts, these containers are safe for secure areas in hospitals or prison systems. They are available in color choices to compliment any decor. The unique "key-way" feature and shoulder design allows poly liner to be secured, hiding unsightly 'bag skirt'. Plus, the built-in lock ring secures Funnel'Top from theft or high winds. Available in Beige, Brown, Black & Grey.  This container holds 24 gallons.

Price on 24 gallon can without liner

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Corner' Rounds

Fits into corners to utilize space. This durable plastic design will not chip, rust, crack, peel or fade. Its 21 gallon capacity and extra large opening is ideal to make an efficient work space. Choose between a securing bag rim type or a hooded domed top lid. This container holds 21 gallons.  Available in Beige, Brown, Black & Grey.

Price on 21 gallon rim can  

Price on 21 gallon Dome Top can  


Flat' Top & Ash' Top

This receptacle has dual self-closing doors to keep debris and odor inside, pests out. The two door design encourages use. Removable top allows easy access with no clumsy straps. Unit can be positioned for access to both sides. Factory Mutual fire resistant design contains and extinguishes fires.  Available in Beige, Brown, Black & Grey.  These containers hold 24 gallons.  #1435 has a stainless steel ash tray insert.

Price on 24 gallon can without ash tray 

Price on 24 gallon can w/stainless steel ashtray 


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