CONCENTRATED       Universal Cleaner & Degreaser



     This degreasing cleaner produces a rich foam which quickly penetrates and floats away grease, oil, dirt, bacteria, scum, fats, proteins, food residues, tallow, process wastes and blood from all vertical and horizontal surfaces.  This cleaner emulisifies animal fats and oils quickly and economically.  It can be used on all floors, walls, tables and equipment in the following areas.  Slaughter Houses · Meat Packing Plants · Bakeries and Butcher Shops · Kitchens · Rendering Plants · Food Processing Plants · All Tile and Grout Areas · Super Markets · Food Transport Vehicles · Fish, Poultry & Egg Processing · Dairies · Restaurants · Canneries · Showers · Perfect for use in all meat and food processing areas and industrial and institutional shower stalls · Free rinsing, non-flammable, non-corrosive ·Emulsifies grease, oil, and soil · Breaks down fats, protein and waste. · Penetrates any build up · Removes bacteria and blood.

            PROPERTIES: Color……..clear · Odor……..None · pH………..12.6 · Flash Point……….None · Fumes……….None · Rinsability………..…Complete · Fat & Oil Emulsification……..Excellent

            DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Food Plant cleaning, First scrape heavy accumulations.  Food must be removed or covered.   Manual application: Use mop, brush or sponge.  Dilute one part Super-Solv with twenty parts hot water.  Apply and let stand five minutes.  Agitate with brush if needed for best results.  Rinse well.  Spray application: Use full strength in sprayer reservoir.  Proportioning device should be set from 1 to 5 for heavy soiled areas; up to 1 to 30 for lighter soil.  Apply and let stand five minutes. Agitate with brush if needed.  Rinse well afterwards.   Shower stall cleaning:  Dilute, apply and rinse as above.  For best results, follow with a mild acid cleaner (C.L.A.S.S. ) for maximum removal of water minerals and soap scum.  For maximum deodorizing action and control of bacteria and mildew, apply a disinfectant as a third and final step.  Packaged in 6 each 1 gallon bottles, 6 gallon pail, 30 gallon drum, 55 gallon drum, or 330 gallon disposable tote.

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