$8.99  Gallon Bottle   

$78.00  6 Gallon Headpack      
$399.86  55 Gallon Drum     Call 1-800-366-5022 to order
This concentrated rubber dressing is recommended for renewing the appearance of tires, floor mats, and other rubber and plastic trim used on automobiles and trucks. It provides a temporary waterproofing to these surfaces which will not wash off in rain or with water alone.  This tire conditioner or rubber dressing leaves tires or rubber with a like new appearance not super shinny like silicone based tire dressings.  This rubber dressing contains no silicone, will not effect paint or repainting.
Directions For Use: The concentrated rubber dressing may be applied as received, undiluted for maximum luster, or diluted with 3 parts water for economy.  Surface to be treated with rubber dressing should be cleaned and degreased with a good, industrial strength product, rinsed well with clear water, and allowed to dry completely. Apply product with a trigger sprayer, pump-up sprayer, or a sponge. Allow to air dry. Repeat procedure for higher gloss. 
CAUTION: Protect product from freezing. Do not ingest. If this does occur, drink large volumes of water. For eye or skin contact, flush area with clear water for 15 minutes. Keep container sealed when not in use to prevent contamination. Rinse empty container before discarding in an authorized landfill site.  Keep out of the reach of children, Do not ingest.  FOR INDUSTRIAL & INSTITUTIONAL USE ONLY 

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