WaterHog ECO Grand Premier Entrance Mats. Very Durable entry mat.

30 Ounces of fabric per square yard of matting.  All Waterhog ECO Grand Premier floor mats have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranty

  1. Unique ridged construction effectively removes and traps dirt and moisture beneath shoe level so it stops water tracking on dry floors.  WaterHog entrance mats have the exclusive water dam to hold moisture on the floor mat and not let it spread to surrounding floors.

  2. Exclusive rubber-reinforced face nubs prevent pile from crushing-maintaining high performance and extending product life of these entry mats.  These nubs keep foot traffic from squeezing moisture out of the entrance mats fabric to track on surrounding floors.

  3. 100% post consumer recycled PET face that is reclaimed from plastic bottles. Every 3 x 5 diverts approximately 60 plastic bottles from landfills. A multi-denier fiber construction combines thick fibers for scraping with fine fibers for wiping, providing better performance and longer life. These entrance mats  fabric dries quickly and prevents fading and rotting. These door mats can easily be vacuumed or hosed off.

  4. Waterhog™ Eco Grand Premier's highly durable attractive fashion border makes it the perfect choice for indoor or outdoor floor mat applications.  

  5. WaterHog Eco Grand Premier entrance mats are available in Flat or Gripper backing types.

  6. Exclusive "water dam" allows  Waterhog™ Grand Premier entrance mat to trap dirt and water so they stay in the mat and off your floor-minimizing slip hazards and floor damage around the perimeter of the floor mat.

  7. These entrance mats anti-static rating averaging 1.2KV with a maximum average voltage of 1.6KV as measured by the AATCC.

  8. These entrance mats have a wide selection of 31 standard commercial sizes which makes finding the right floor mats for your needs quick and easy.

Choose color from pull down when purchasing. 

Sizes below are the popular sizes, most floor mats 3', 4', and 6' wide are available in lengths up to 63 feet long.  Call for pricing for special sizes.  All entrance mats have additional discounts when 5 or more floor mats are purchased. Discounts on 5 or more floor mat, discounts will show when ordering.

   Half Oval

Waterhog Eco Grand Premier Floor Mats Oval One End

3' x1.8'  Entrance mats


3'x5.5'   Entrance mats


 4' x 5.9'  Entrance mats  


 6' x7'     Entrance mats


4' x2.3'  Entrance mats


3'x10'    Entrance mats


 4' x 10.5' Entrance mats 


 6' x11.6'  Entrance mats


6' x3.3'  Entrance mats


3'x13.9'  Entrance mats


 4' x 14.4'  Entrance mats


 6' x15.4'  Entrance mats


3' x17.7'  Entrance mats


 4' x 18.2'  Entrance mats


 6' x19.3'  Entrance mats


3' x21.6'  Entrance mats


 4' x 22'    Entrance mats


 6' x23.1'  Entrance mats


Waterhog Eco Grand Premier Floor Mats Oval on Both Ends

3' x7.1'    Floor Mats


4' x 8'        Floor Mats

$ 161.75 

6' x 10.1'   Floor Mats

$ 353.25 

3' x11.7'  Floor Mats


4' x 12.6'   Floor Mats

$ 295.56 

6' x 14.8'  Floor Mats

$ 517.50

3' x15.5'  Floor Mats


4' x 16.5'   Floor Mats

$ 408.40 

6' x 18.6'  Floor Mats

$ 650.50

3' x19.4'  Floor Mats


4' x 20.3'   Floor Mats

$ 544.32 

6' x 22.4'  Floor Mats

$ 783.50

3' x23.2'  Floor Mats


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