Haz Mat Products

All types of products for hazmat containment, absorbent pads, absorbent rolls, 

pillows, pans, disposable kits.  Containment pallets, hazmat storage cabinets, 

flammable storage cans, hazmat absorbents.

Containment Pallets

Absorbent Pads

Grey Universal absorbent pads, White oil absorbent pads, Blue oil absorbent pads, Yellow acid, alkali absorbent Pads

Flammable Storage Cabinets

Drum Top Funnels

Absorbent Rolls   Grey, White, Yellow, Blue

Disposable Coveralls

Gasoline Transfer Cans

Safety Biohazard Waste Cans

Safe - Smoker Butt Cans

Absorbent Pillows

Safety Oily Waste Cans

Disposable Gloves and Safety Gloves Safety Glasses and Dust Masks

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