Controlled pH

One Step Operation for Cleaning

Highly Concentrated

Use on All Surfaces

Free Rinsing with No Film or Residue

Environmentally Friendly (No VOCís)

Works with High or Low Pressure



$10.58 Gallon Bottle $74.30 6 Gallon Headpack
$325.92 30 Gallon Drum $534.78 55 Gallon Drum

High Pressure Touchless is an optimized cleaner that uses newly developed technology that releases the polar bond of molecules from the surface they are attached or adhered.  Dirt, grease, and grime rinse off metal or painted surfaces without the need of a high pH.    This control pH cleaner will do an amazing job of cleaning buses, trucks, cars, and airplanes without the user having problems with environmental concerns.  The surfactants in this product are completely biodegradable and free rinsing.  This product is designed for use in drive through touchless wash systems.  High Pressure Touchless may be diluted 50 to 100 parts water to 1 part cleaner.  The special charged molecules of this detergent system quickly float away road film without the use of brushes or other manual devices.  The pH of this product is 9 -10 when diluted with water.         For Industrial Use Only Keep Out Of Reach of Children.

Directions for Use: Spray on surfaces after product is diluted, then high pressure rinse.

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