Hydrofoamer 481   96 ounce Container Foamer

Hose End foamer - sprayer with consistent dilutions of your choice

The Hydro Foamer 481 can be controlled using the trigger on the spray gun and to clean the device, the concentrate container is easily disconnected via a fast coupler. The hydrofoamer 481 is non-electric and no installation is required, making it extremely user-friendly just fill the concentrate container and connect the hydrofoamer 481 to a water source.

HydroFoamer 481 hose end proportioners combine automatic dilution with convenient control of where and how solution is applied. Hydrofoamers provide a thick, rich foam for more "cling" time on the surface being cleaned. On and off functions are controlled using a trigger on the spray gun. To rinse, the concentrate container is disconnected via a quick coupler.

The hydrofoamer 481 is most suitable for the following applications:
  • Restaurants

  • Food preparation areas

  • Supermarkets

  • Food processing plants

  • Animal care facilities

  • Service stations

  • Healthcare facilities 

  • Educational facilities



1. Unscrew hydrofoamer 481 lid assembly from container.

2. Select a metering tip using the chart below as a guideline and press the tip firmly into the hose barb on the bottom of the lid assembly. Install the suction tube on the hose barb.

3. Fill the container with concentrate. Screw hydrofoamer lid assembly securely onto container.  

CAUTION: Hydrofoamer 481 lid assembly must be securely fastened to container to prevent accidental spilling of concentrate during use of foamer.

4. Insert hydrofoamer 481 lid assembly into female quick connect on spray nozzle.

5. Connect a garden hose with 3/4" male garden hose thread to the base of the spray nozzle handle. Turn on the water supply to the hose. (Minimum 25 PSI water pressure is required to operate the hydrofoamer 481.)

6. Grasp the spray nozzle handle in one hand and the hydrofoamer 481 container in the other. Squeeze the spray nozzle handle to begin foaming. Continuous operation can be achieved by using the handle lock provided on the spray nozzle. Rinse by disconnecting the spray nozzle from the foaming lid assembly. To remove the foamer from the spray nozzle, simply grasp

the quick connect on the spray nozzle in one hand and the foamer assembly in the other. Pull in opposite directions. (The outside collar around the quick connect will slide toward the spray nozzle, disengaging the foamer barrel.)

Metering Tip Selection:

Dilution ratios below were achieved at 40 PSI, cold water and water-thin viscosity (1.0 CP). Ratios will vary given PSI, water and ambient temperature, water flow rate, and product viscosity. At water-thin viscosity, the efficiency of the eductor is at its maximum with the black or gray tip. Removal of the foot strainer on the concentrate pick-up tube will also change these ratios.


If no tip is listed, the dilution ratio delivered falls between those shown.

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