Proportioning and Dispensing Systems From Lyn Distributing

Fill spray bottles, buckets or both from one dispensing system.

TaskMizer dispensers combine the latest in dispensing technology with maximum design flexibility, creating a system that delivers a unique and effective way to dispense diluted solutions into any container.

TaskMizer dispensers contain the latest developments in dispensing technology, providing the industry's most advanced, cost efficient dispensers. Patented remote activation: Allows for easy filling of buckets and auto scrubbers, even around corners. Unique bottle activation: Allows for easy one-hand filling of spray bottles. Patented selector valve: Provides lowest cost multi-product system, along with flexibility for multiple dilutions of one or more products. Optional flow control devices: Regulate water flow to increase dilution accuracy and consistency. Unique mounting brackets: Allow for quick, easy installation, saving time and money. Space saving design: Requires less mounting area than similar systems.

Unit on left above is 1 product high flow fill and remote fill gun and 4 product low flow fill for bottles.

Unit on right above is for 1 product high flow rate with remote gun fill.

Unit above dispenses 2 products at high water flow rate with remote fill gun and 4 products at low water flow rate.  Low flow rate is for filling spray bottles and high flow for mop buckets or scrubbing machines.  The white cabinet is for 2-2liter bottle of concentrate product for taskmizer dispenser.

No matter what you need in a chemical management system, the TaskMizer series can provide the results you are looking for.

*For multi product use, the TaskMizer uses the selector valve concept to lower costs for bottle and bucket filling.

*Units can be supplied with our new patented remote filling gun, or the more traditional button operation to meet your individual needs.

*For satellite locations, use the single product high flow unit or the Select four product low flow unit.

*Optional features include:  chemical enclosures that fit two 2-liter bottles, or wall mounted racks for chemical storage.

High flow fill rate with remote gun.

$162.00  One Product with remote fill gun.  E-gap # 48331  Std.-gap # 48332 

2 products high flow fill rate with remote gun & 4 products low flow rate for bottle filling.

$355.00  Dual Product Select with remote fill gun. E-gap # 48781  Std.-gap # 48782

4 products low flow rate for bottle filling.

Low flow select, 4 product selection or 2 products at different dilution rates.

 $200.70 E-gap #48751  Air gap #48753   Std.-gap #48752

1 product high flow fill rate with remote gun & 4 products low flow rate for bottle filling.

$309.00   E-gap # 48761    Std.-gap # 48782

Chemical enclosure cabinet #48000 (fits two 2-liter bottles for concentrated products)  $33.80 

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