This product is a great trailer cleaner & truck cleaner.


Can not be shipped UPS or FEDEX,  Must ship on freight lines.  

$42.20 6 Gallon Bottles in a Case

$42.20  6 Gallon Headpack

$215.80  30 Gallon Drum

$332.05  55 Gallon Drum    Call to place orders

*Brightens Aluminum   *Removes oxides, Road film, and Diesel Smoke   *Highly Concentrated- Economical  

*Works Quickly- Requires No Heavy Scrubbing or Polishing 

  A highly concentrated blend of detergents and inorganic acids formulated for the removal of oxides, scum, road film, and diesel smoke deposits from aluminum truck bodies and trailers.

Directions for use: To avoid corrosion, mix solution in a plastic pail or other suitable container.  Dilute concentrate with 50 - 100 parts of water to one part ALUMINUM CLEANER concentrate. For non-polished areas to be cleaned with Aluminum Cleaner Concentrate dilute concentrate with 5-50 parts water for heavy duty cleaning.  Apply solution to surface to be cleaned with brush or sprayer, working in small sections from the bottom upward to avoid streaking.  Allow solution to remain on surface for 3 to 5 minutes.  Do not allow surface to dry out during application.  Agitate surface with a long handle brush to remove heavy soils, rinse with clear water.  Avoid contact with glass or porcelain surfaces as product will etch.  If contact should occur, rinse immediately with water.

  Caution:  Keep out of the reach of children.  Product contains inorganic acids, avoids contact with eyes, skin or clothing.  It is advisable to wear protective clothing during application procedure.  If eyes or skin are effected, flush area with copious amounts of magnesia or water beaten with egg whites.  Contact physician.   Keep container sealed when not in use.  Rinse empty container before disposal in authorized landfill site.

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