This product is a great concrete truck cleaner or ready mix truck cleaner.  For a cement truck cleaner dilute with water to desired level.  For a  concrete cleaner or brick cleaner dilute as needed.


$5.50  per Gallon Bottle $85.50  per 15 Gallon Drum
$198.00  per 30 Gallon Drum $220.00   per  55 Gallon Drum
Product Description:
A clear green liquid, low-fuming acid detergent compound to use as a concrete truck cleaner or ready mix truck cleaner, works well for removing plaster, rust, scale, grease, oil, and road film also great for removing lime.
Where Concrete Cleaner (D-7) Can be Used:
Great ready mix truck cleaner, brick cleaner, concrete floor cleaner before applying floor sealer, concrete form cleaner, windows on concrete trucks,  tools, and other cement handling equipment.
Advantages of D-7 Concrete Cleaner:
Harmless to paint, rubber, windshields, and ordinary glass. Removes and cleans a wide range of deposits and soils quickly. Can be diluted for economical use. Reduced hazard to user and surfaces. Contains a combination of acids, detergents, wetting and penetrating agents.  Contains a odor control agent to reduce fumes.   D-7 is inhibited against attacking most metals and paint when used in diluted form.
How to Use:
Using the proper dilution (1 part concrete truck cleaner concentrate to 3 -10 parts water), apply by spraying or brushing for ready mix truck cleaner. Allow surface to remain wet four to five minutes, while agitating with a brush. Rinse thoroughly with clear water, allow to dry. This concrete truck cleaner contains a soap and a low pH cleaner for concrete removal from trucks.
Prospective Users:
Companies that need ready mix truck cleaner, cement contractors, and other accounts having accumulations of cement, plaster, rust, scale, grease, oil, and road film to be removed from equipment. Factories that have showers that need heavy hard water buildup removed should try this product.

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