Turns Solid Masses Into Free-Flowing Liquids

Concentrated Liquid Drain Opener Almost Twice As Heavy As Water-Gets To The Problem

Has built-in odor control that floats on surface to control odors

Liquefies Rags, Grease, Paper, Sanitary Napkins, Tampons, Hair, Urine, Salt

Dissolves Styrofoam Packing or Plates
$14.20  Gallon Bottle $75.00 12 Quart Case Can not ship UPS or FEDEX,  Must ship on freight lines.   Call to place ordrs!
$84.00  6 Gallon Headpack
This highly specialized product is formulated to open clogged drains, and to be use as a preventive maintenance product in drains, sinks, and grease traps.  This product maybe used in large municipal sewer lines.  This powerful product helps eliminate backups, rodding and snaking of drain lines.  Dynamite contains a special additive that coats drain pipe surfaces to help prevent harmful corrosion.  Regular use will help prevent grease build-up.

Always wear face shield when using this high powered product.  Do-not mix with any other drain opener product or use immediately after using any other drain opening product.  Water activates this product.

Small Drains- Apply 8 ounces, allow to stand 2-3 minutes, then flush with water for 2 3 minutes
Floor Drains Apply 1 quart, allow to stand 10 minutes, then flush with water for 5 minutes.
6 to 8 INCH Drains Apply gallon, allow to stand 15 minutes, then flush with water to 5 minutes.
Grease Traps Apply 1 quart or more.  Use 20% to 50% of initial application periodically for control.
Septic Tanks Apply 1 gallon to 500-gallon capacity.  Pour into drain.

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