Use on concrete trucks, truck vans, refrigerated trailers, and dry trailers.

Can not ship UPS or FEDEX,  Must ship on freight lines.   Call to place ordrs! $8.00 Gallon Bottle $46.00 6 Gallon Headpack
$46.00  6 Gallon Bottles in a case $180.00 30 Gallon Drum

$242.00 55 Gallon Drum

This product will quickly remove oxidation and road film without agitation, it brightens surfaces uniformly.  This is a heavy duty acid-based product made especially for industrial and institutional use only.  This product should be use by trained personnel only.  This product requires no brushing or rubbing to clean surfaces.  This product works well to  clean grime off wheels and extremely dirty truck frames.
This concentrated cleaner may be diluted with one hundred parts water, depending on the condition of the surface to be cleaned.  Extremely severe conditions may allow only a 10 to 1 dilution.  Brush or spray solution on surface to be cleaned, working from the bottom up.  Allow to remain wet for three to five minutes then high pressure rinse thoroughly.  Use plastic pails or automatic injectors for mixing or applying solutions.  Always test on hot surfaces.
If product must be used near glass, cover glass with oil first.  However, user does so at own risk.  This product will etch glass.  Do not mix this cleaner with any other cleaners.  Do not use on polished aluminum.
This product contains sulfuric and fluoride based acids.  Causes skin and eye burns.  Use eye protection and rubber gloves.

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