Paint Stripper and Gasket and Decal Remover

Versatile 3-in-1 Product

Powerful solvent performance by this paint stripper

Spray on paint stripper, scrape or flush off

Contains no ozone depleting ingredients

Price $96.00 per case Discounts for 5 or more cases.  12 cans per case 


This unique paint stripper or gasket or decal remover aerosol is a fast-acting, easy-to-use stripper that can strip paint, gaskets, and decals, all in one product. It is even effective on varnish, adhesive, and contact cement. As a gasket remover,

it is effective on all types of gaskets including fiber compound, silicone, and most rubber materials. The high concentration of powerful solvents makes this paint stripper or gasket or decal remover aerosol  more effective than most competitive

brands while still gentle enough to be used on wood without raising the grain. The thick gel material will cling to vertical surfaces or overhead areas without running off. The product contains no ozone depleting ingredients. 16 ounce can.


TO REMOVE PAINT: Prepare the surface by removing dirt, grease, and oil, and allow surface to dry. Hold can 8-10 inches from surface and coat liberally. Allow paint stripper or gasket or decal remover aerosol  to remain until entire surface is

blistered (dwell time varies but usually 3-10 minutes). Scrape or flush off with water the loosened paint. For heavy coats, it may be necessary to allow additional dwell time and/or multiple applications of paint stripper or gasket or decal remover aerosol .

To remove paint only but not primer, reduce dwell time.           TO REMOVE GASKETS: Clear away disassembled parts from gasket area. Prepare surface by scraping or wire brushing away any loose material. Remove debris, grease, and oil,

and allow to dry. Hold can 4-6 inches and liberally coat gasket completely with gel material but do not overspray (it may be necessary to mask or shield surfaces without gasket material). Allow several minutes to penetrate and separate.

Scrape away material and remove any residual paint stripper gel with water or cleaning solvent.  TO REMOVE DECALS: Hold can 4-6 inches and spray just the decal area. Be sure to spray only the decal and either mask or shield other

areas and/or quickly remove gel from adjoining surfaces. After one minute, begin trying to remove decal. Do not  allow gel material to remain in contact with decal or surface for more than two minutes to prevent damage to the surface

 beneath the decal. Reapply as necessary per these instructions. Upon decal removal, remove gel material with water or cleaning solvent. 

Areas of Use

This paint stripper or gasket or decal remover aerosol has many areas of use including paint and body shops, auto and fleet maintenance facilities, wood restoration and refinishing, metal treating and coating, and more.

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