This aerosol air duster and film duster offers a quick and easy method to clean hard to reach areas.  It can be used as a  keyboard duster and a spray electronics cleaner as well as be used to clean many other areas.

Leaves no residue

Quick & easy

Environmentally safe

Will not harm the atmosphere

Price $8.50 each Discounts for 12 or more.


Air Duster is a authorized product which is a blend of environmentally safe ingredients packaged at high pressure to offer a quick method of removing dust, paper chips, staples, paper clips and other foreign material.  Just point the nozzle towards area to be cleaned and spray. The strong blast quickly cleans most surfaces.  Use wherever screen cleaner or body cleaner cannot be applied, especially recessed areas. Can also be used as a film duster.


Remove protective cap. Point opening in spray nozzle toward surface to be cleaned. Holding can in upright position 12 to 14 inches from surface, press down on top of spray nozzle to use. Hold can above keys on keyboard, forcing spray down into keys to blow particles out from around keys. Spray in quick bursts forcing particles from surfaces. 

Areas of Use

Offices, homes monitors, restaurants, keyboards, motels, hotels, office equipment, darkrooms, computers, industrial plants, printers, schools, photographic equipment, laboratories, etc.

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