Non-Flammable Spray Brake and Parts Cleaner

Non-Flammable Spray cleaner,

 High Discharge Flush Valve,

 Removes Fluid, Grease and Oily

Contaminants From Brake Linings And Drums,

 Stops Disc Brake Squeal,

 Not Necessary To Disassemble Brake Unit,

Useful On Linings, Disc Pads, Drums,

Cylinders And Springs,

 Cleans Tools And Other Parts,

 Evaporates Leaving No Film,

 Non-Flammable Will Not Burn


Price $4.60 each Discounts for 12 or more.     


Non-Flammable Brake & Parts Cleaner is a flush action solvent that quickly removes fluid, grease and oily contaminants from brake linings, disc pads, drums, cylinders and springs. This spray parts cleaner is non-flammable because it is a chlorinated product. This spray brake cleaner will eliminate disc brake squeal. Non-flammable Spray Brake parts cleaner is used by truck lines, bus lines, golf cart maintenance shops, forklift shops, automotive dealerships, and rental companies.  This product works well for a general auto parts cleaner.  Works great on wheel bearings will leave clean so new grease can stick to bearing.


Spray brake housing or coil fins liberally.  Continue to spray until all contaminants run off. Wipe or let air dry. This product evaporates quickly. Will not harm most rubber parts. This is the perfect product to use for cleaning before and after disassembly.

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