C.R.D. neutralizes odors instead

of masking odors.

C.R.D. attacks the source of odor and neutralizes it instantly.

Effectively and rapidly counteracts and conceals smoke, contaminated food areas, medicinal, liquor, and musty odors in public and private.

Non-staining when used as directed.

Penetrates hard-to-reach areas small particle size encapsulates malodors and

neutralize the odorous molecules.

Eliminates malodors in rest rooms, waste disposals, meeting rooms, aircraft, buses,

hotel rooms, automobiles, and trains.

Special fine mist sprayer - so only a small amount is used each time.


C.R.D. is so concentrated that it can be used for many areas very economically. This product will last longer than many products that are 20 times the liquid volume in size because of the super fine mist sprayer that dispenses just the right amount with just one squirt. This sprayer delivers a super fine mist that floats in the air and does not fall to the ground immediately after being sprayed, so it penetrates and destroys odors effectively. This product is a very effective air freshener that once tried most people never change to anything else. This product contains no water and may be bought in quart size refills for economy. This concentrated air freshener is available in: cherry, clove, almond, lime, lemon, spearmint, wintergreen, coconut, orange, mint, lavender, and vanilla, French Vanilla, and watermelon. CRD is a concentrate spray air freshener/odor killer.

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